Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40
Tandem Axle

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Introducing the system with greater merit.

Engine downspeeding is being embraced by Class 8 commercial vehicles, so Dana developed the only complete solution to handle the extra torque that lower RPMs create. Countless advancements are built into the Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 tandem axle and SPL® 250/350 driveshafts. Together, they offer the industry’s fastest axle ratio, and the ability to withstand 30 percent higher input torque. See how you can effectively lower your cost of ownership while securing maximum durability, reliability, and efficiency with this system. Be sure to Spec the full Dana downspeeding package here, and learn how you can benefit from cost savings, weight reduction, and fuel economy.

Spicer AdvanTEK 40 Tandem axle specifications

D40-155 Model: Delivering legendary Spicer durability and efficiency. Plus, capable of handling the added torque associated with engine downspeeding.

D40-156 Model: Delivering legendary Spicer durability and efficiency.