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Increase fuel economy and vehicle efficiency

Improve fuel economy by 1%.

A 5 psi difference in pressure creates a 5/16" difference in tire circumference – causing the smaller tire to be dragged.

Our system automatically inflates tractor tires to appropriate pressure – no matter the climate or load condition.

Improve reliability and maintainability


Under-inflation causes 90% of tire failures.

Our system offers efficient pressure maintenance so unplanned service calls for tire blowouts can be avoided.

The system minimizes tire wear and maximizes fuel economy and reliability by reducing drag. Automatically inflates tractor tires to the optimum pressure and equalizes the pressure between tires while the vehicle is moving. Transmit information on communication BUS currently on the chassis to a dash display and or an off-board system.
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Supply Pressure Check


Pressure Check - Measuring Tire Pressure


Pressurization of system to inflate tires.


Pressure Check - Measuring Tire Pressure


Pressurization of system to inflate tires



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Our tire pressure optimization system lets you maintain and control tire pressure to improve fuel economy and extend tire life. Calculate your potential savings and dig deeper into how it works from engineering to execution.

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